Thursday, April 10, 2008

NO, MYYYYYY swap partner was the best!

I just got back from Germany (I created a Dexter sock pattern! Details later) and this was waiting for me!

My pal was Becca, aka Knitfink and she included two skeins of blood red Panda Cotton. I've never used it before but I can't wait to go to Ravelry to look for some ideas. See the paper just to the right of that? It's a gift certificate for WEBS!! I admired Knitfink's colorwork mittens that she'd done and thought I'd like to try a little more of that so instead of her choosing colors for me, she oh so generously sent me a gift certificate so I could pick colors on my own. Way above and beyond! There are handmade soaps in a delicous smelling variety of scents including Dragon Blood and Creme Brulee and lip balms in candy flavors that I can't wait to break into! The lotions here have already been broken into. I had the DRYEST skin when I was in scaly flaky skin, it was the weirdest thing. How could I be at sea level ON THE BALTIC SEA and have dry skin? I was so itchy and this lotion was just right, moistureizing but not greasy :) How did you know ;) There were tiny red and black BonBon nail polishes that will be going on my toes as soon as I am coherent enough to paint them (stupid jet-lag) and my second favorite part of the gift.... the DEXTER Soundtrack has already been uploaded to my itunes!!

I was just absolutely thrilled with every single thing but the final box inside absolutely tops any Dexter gift that anyone could have thought of. Now, I thought I was pretty creative in my own gifting (go here to Ninabeenas blog to see what I gifted to her...she's all squeeley too :) but WOW! This idea was awesome!

A Hand made "Slit throat" necklace! It's Fimo baked onto wire and Holy Cow I just LOVE IT!! The finding s on the back of the necklace that you cant see (and there is the clear 'fishing line' type thread connecting it so it really looks like a gash) are sterling silver and the earrings (blooddrops) are sterling too! How awesome is that!?

Becca, I almost wish you could have figured out how to do a cheek slice (souvenier) sort of jewelry too! Kidding, kidding.....

Wow, Thank you so so so much for every single item. This was a really fun and fabulous swap! You rock!
(as a small ode to you, my avatar is especially gruesome today!)



Ok. That is totally rockin! I think I must be the worst swap pal ever. Especially in comparison to that!

Girl Meets Needle said...

Everyone's done so well with this swap! Great necklace!

Corwink said...

Girl...that necklace ROCKS!!!! What a great package!