Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Update #1

In order to participate in this swap, it is helpful if you are also able to participate in this blog. Not only will updates be fed mainly through this thing, but also we want to see all the swag that participants collect during the swap and what better way than to post it here with lots and lots of pictures, and gushing, and happiness (I LOVE happiness)! So, what would be great is (if you don't already have one mind you), if all you wonderful participants would be super helpful and grab a blogger account! They're free, and you don't have to host a blog on blogger just to have one! :) I'm not making it a requirement, but as previously state, it would be super helpful and much easier to help keep track of all participants and swap angels as well!

Also, as a reminder, please keep in mind that though this is a primarily knit/crochet swap, feel free to join even if you DON't knit or crochet. This swap is not meant to exclude anyone of any level of craftiness! Just remember to state specifically that you don't knit/crochet, but you are still crafty. For example look at the below application:


1. Full Name:Jane Doe
2. Blog address (preferred, but optional):http://blahyakketyblah.blogspot.com
3. Shipping address: 32 No street, Nowheresville, Mystery,00000
4. Do you smoke or have pets? I do not smoke, but have a dog, and a pair of love birds.
5. Any allergies? No.
6. Would you be willing to have an international pal? No
7. Would you be willing to be a swap angel* if one is needed? Sure.

1. How long have you been knitting/crocheting? I neither knit or crochet

2. What other crafts/hobbies do you do? I work with polymer clay a lot, and occasionally I've been known to quilt (okay, so I'm obsessed with quilting).

3. What is your favorite color? Rainbow! Seriously, I'll like any color you give me.

4. Favorite candy or snack? Reese's peanut butter cups, pretzels, and coffee. Lots of coffee.

5. What are your favorite scents? I like fruity scents...things that are reminiscent of fresh baked goods.

There, I'm pretty sure you get the point! See? No exclusion! :)

Thanks! Also, if you're just joining now and either a: don't feel like scrolling down, or b: are too lazy to scroll down (trust me, I feel you...that's so me) then just click on this for a link to the application!

We appreciate your interest, and we appreciate Dexter, so please, come along and join us!!!