Thursday, April 10, 2008

Awesome Package Arrived

My awesome package arrived yesterday from
Megan aka asyasky.

I can't stop looking at my goodies!

The package was quite heavy. So heavy that I wondered if my dear friend Megan included a few real body parts in there. LOL! When I opened the box the first thing that greeted me was the Barbie doll head and the saran wrap and I thought.....Oh yeah this is going to be good. The next layer revealed the rest of our friend Barbie complete with rainbow painted finger nails. LOVE THAT!!!! I got a much needed notebook with pen. I usually have something like that very close to my knitting bag for notes and whatever else needs to be jotted down. The final layer revealed a mysterious wooden box. I stared at the box wondering what could possibly be in there. I lifted the lid and squealed with delight. My new best friend Megan gave me everything I would need to hand dye my own yarn. LOVE LOVE LOVE that! I took a class on dying at a local yarn shop last summer. What did we use? Wilton Icing Colors. What did Megan send me? Wilton Icing Colors. Hooray!!! She included notes here and there through out the package. On one side it would relate to the show and then when you opened it you would get a hint on how to dye the yarn and take care of it. I also got a wonderful little baggie with chocolates, some much needed hand lotion from one of my favorites....Burt's, and some kick ass hot sauce called Arizona Gunslinger. Yummy!!


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Girl Meets Needle said...

I wicked heart the doll parts! Fantastic job!