Friday, February 29, 2008

The Rules of Engagement...

Okay, in a few moments, I will have all the matches sent out. I'm sorry I haven't done so sooner, but I've been a bit busy with a sicky wife and a hectic work schedule. Luckily, it's all straightened out. First off: I, as head mod of the swap, am bowing out of the game and will be watching from the sidelines in order to keep swap matches even. Now, let the games begin!!! :)

The Rules!

1)Matches will be sent out on Saturday, March 1st, 2008. All packages should then be mailed out by April third. If, by that time, someone has not recieved their package,then they should send me an e-mail notifying me of that fact and I will handle it. I know in most swaps, a gentle reminder by swap buddies is acceptable, but I just think it'll keep bad feelings between swap partners off the blog.

2)Because I am not participating in this round, this is a Mystery Swap, which means that you do not know who has you as a partner and vice versa. After you recieve your swap match, please contact that person anonymously to let them know that you are out there,and continue to do so. I noticed in a lot of swaps that lack of communication between swap partners can also cause some bad feelings, and while I want this to be a Bad (as in Badass) swap, I do not want this to go badly. If it goes well, then that means maybe more folks would become interested and feel free to join in next round!

3)When you send out your packages, PLEASE INCLUDE A LITTLE NOTE LETTING YOUR PARTNER KNOW WHO YOU ARE IN THE PACKAGE. The caps are there, not because I'm yelling at you guys over the internet, but because this is important. People who recieve their swap packages want to thank the senders, and often are unable to because someone has failed to follow this rule.

4) When you recieve your package, PLEASE SEND A NOTE BACK TO THE SENDER LETTING THEM KNOW IT WAS RECIEVED. Once again, not yelling :), but this one is also important. The senders in swaps are almost always agonized with worry that somehow their package will become lost in the mail, so they like to know when they're package has been recieved. Really, they do!

5) Please remember that your spending limit is $40 USD and to try to stick as close to the limit as possible. I know, it's hard, but some people participating in this swap might be on kind of a tight budget so I tried to make it a limit that everyone could achieve. :) Also, remember that each package should have half of that $40 spent on yarn as this is primarily a crochet/knit swap, and then the rest can be spent on whatever little creative, macabre doo-dads you can think of to stick in there!

6) Once you have recieved your package, please, please, please post pictures of it on this blog, your blog and everywhere you can think of so people know that this was a success (which hopefully it is), so more people aren't afraid to try out a new swap!!!

Okay, and that's really all the rules I have to put up here. I'd like to say a big thanks to you guys for giving me the opportunity to host what I hope will be a fantastically fun swap and for being patient with me while I took what seemed to be my sweet ass time getting these matches sent out!

***PLEASE, if any information is missing from the matches that were sent out, or anything is wrong with the matches that were sent out, let me know so I can correct my mistakes. :) This is my first time hosting so I'm really not meaning to screw up. I mean, some of you did get two e-mails from me because I neglected to include something in the original one. Sorry about that. ****

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You're doing just fine! Let me know if you need any help, if there is anything you want me to handle/manage. :)